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The most common way to obtain lock pick is from an authorised locksmith tools supplier. But on other hand if you choose to make your own pick you can do so by getting some clock spring, or even shim stock from an auto supply house. You need the thin type, sold in strips, not the sheets.

A good range of pick thicknesses is from .025-.035"; too thin will slip the pins out of alignment, and too think will bind in the keyway. The most useful pick is probably the curved variety, although straight picks have their uses.

Cut the metal on a grinding wheel, dipping it in water quite often. Take care not to burn the metal. For the curved variety you need a slight upward curve in the end of the pick. Do not make a gradual upswing, rather a slight, sudden upward curve directly at the end of the tool.

SothOrd Lock Pick Set

A typical SouthOrd lock pick set

The other important tool is the tension tool. This is in every way as important as the lock pick(s) and must fit the job or it too will bind.

Tension bars can be constructed from the same clock/spring steel. Bend the tool into the classic "L" shape near the end. Also make several sizes and thicknesses of tension tools.

Tension Tool Tension Ring
HPC - Tension Tool
Tension Ring
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