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As a locksmith I´m curious to know, with a bump key one can open any cylinder within seconds. Then why the hassle of learning lock picking when picking takes so much of time & patience? Well I think anybody who wish to become a locksmith by trade just learning t lock bumping without lock picking would be enough!!!

Well If you're trying to open all commonly available consumer locks, I believe a set of 10 or 12 bump keys will get you into them in seconds. But there are more sofisticated locks which cannot be unlocked by using bump keys. So because of that just to carry on the argument I personaly think anybody who wish to become a locksmith should learn lock picking as well.

Just to let you know that there are umpickable locks as well. But did you know that these locks can be opened by susing bump keys. However it's a bit difficult to find an appropriate manufacturer's bump key. ;)
Anybody who has already started to learn lock picking for the locksmith trade I suggest that they stick to it & just grab a bump key video & see whether its worthwhile dumping lockpicking & switching to bumping.
Why bump key video? Just ask your locksmith trainee!!!
  I just started my locksmith course today, and picked my first lock by raking, but i´m not sure whether that was counted as lock picking for a beginner. The other question is do I have to pick the lock, pin by pin or do i have to be able to see the pins moving up & down?  

When i started my lock picking course to become a locksmith, I felt the same as you. However I started mixing it up a bit by adding some tension to it.

What do you mean by saying that you added some tension??? Do you mean to say that you put a bit of force & a tension wrench? Please be specific.
When you pick a lock you do not put force. It´s a tension wrench I was reffering to. In Lock picking you have to use a tension wrench along with the pick.
  Just get a couple of lock picking guides & learn how to become a professional locksmith. It will tell you what kind of methods & tools you should be familiar with. When it comes to a locksmith it´s not just lock picking & lock bumping, as these are just the basics.  
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